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RPA GiveBack Bike

I created the RPA Giveback Bike as a way for associates to explore the Santa Monica area and get exercise, while giving back to the local community.

Here's how it worked: Each mile ridden was matched with $1 from RPA. Each dollar earned went towards a bike to be donated to a local child in need. We partnered with Helen's Cycles, created a video, identity, checkout system, website and social sharing. We based the original idea around technology on KickStarter, which never came to fruition. So, we adapted and overcame and came up with alternate ways to track mileage. 

Intro Video
GiveBack Bike Giveaway Video 
GiveBack Bike Web and mobile 
GiveBack Bike Identity
GiveBack Bike Style Guide
GiveBack Bike Site
Ethan and his New Bike
Ethan and the GBB Team
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