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Honda Fans of You Too

To mark the 1,000,000 fan, we didn't want to make it about us. So many times brands do that, and it turns off their followers. Instead, we used social listening, creative storytelling, and willing Honda associates to help us make it all about the fans.
When we found a fan who mowed "Honda" into his lawn, we returned the favor at our corporate headquarters. When we found a fan who painted a Honda, we had someone paint her and put it in the Honda lobby. When we found a fan who got Honda shaved into his head, we returned the favor with a Honda associate. And when we found a tattoo. Ok, well, it was a temporary one. There are limits to Honda love.
ADDY - Bronze

One Show Interactive - 3 Merit Awards

Webby - Nomination

ThinkLA Interactive Awards - Best use of social media
Fans of you too case study
When Anny got Honda shaved into his head, we had Anny's name shaved into a Honda associate's head. Simple, reciprocal concept, right?
fans of you too.jpg
fans of you too.jpg
Easter Eggs
When Chris got Honda cut into his lawn, we put his name at our corporate headquarters.
Easter Eggs
When mini-fan, Luke, wore a Honda shirt, the Honda social team wore a t-shirt with Luke's face on it.
When Dustin R. got Honda tatted on his arm, Honda VP of Marketing did the same with Dustin's face. Well, almost. It was airbrushed.  
And for Halloween...well, you get the concept by now. This stuff kinda writes itself after the first one.
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