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Honda HR-V Selfie Edition (SLF)

Creativity called it “one of the funniest April Fool’s [they’ve] seen."

So what was it? The HR-V Selfie Edition, of course. This HR-V included a number of camera lenses sprinkled across the car’s interior and exterior, for whenever you were in the mood for a selfie. Then we released a video of “Ashley,” a lovably narcissistic selfie queen, beta-testing the car and showing off its real interior, exterior and select tech features.

Our ultimate stunt occurred at the New York Auto Show, which happened to fall on April 1. We opened Honda’s presentation by playing the beta test video in front of close to 2,000 members of the press. We even created a “real” HR-V Selfie Edition to display at the show and a mock website.

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  • WOMMY Bronze

  • Shorty Finalist

  • ThinkLA IDEA Finalist

Ashley (with a Y) Insta
Badge we created
Honda website
Honda website page
Gallery on Honda website
On Display at NYIAS
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