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Honda Superbowl Yearbooks Social

The pursuit of dreams are a big part of the Honda DNA. So to inspire others do follow them, we went back in time to show celebrities when they were were just starting to dream, at the end of High School.


We found people that connected with our audience, such as Tina Fey, Magic Johnson, Jimmy Kimmel and Stan Lee. In the commercial, they gave words of encouragement for others to chase their dreams.


In the rollout, our talent posted their #tbt yearbook photos and asked others to post their own. Then, utilizing social listening, we had the celebrities reach out to individual followers, when they needed encouragement. It’s pretty cool to be tweeted at by Magic Johnson or Oprah.


On Snapchat, we created a custom yearbook lens so that everyone could experience a #tbt big-hair, braces transformation. The campaign united us all around a shared experience and created a cultural moment surrounding the Superbowl.

Superbowl :60
Snapchat ad
Snapchat Lens

Magic Johnson tweets

Magic Johnson Tweets
magic 1.png

Viola Davis tweets


Jimmy Kimmel tweets

Jordyn Weber tweets


Damien Escobar response tweets

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Stan Lee response tweets

Stan Lee response tweets

stan lee.png

Magic Johnson tweets


Jimmy Kimmel congratulatory tweets

kimmel thanks.png

Viola Davis response tweets

(My high school picture got some love in the spot)

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