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Monster's Calling Home

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After making a music video in their Hondas, we gave MCH something to call home about. Their incredible story unfolds as they get the surprise of a lifetime in this Cannes-winning, 8-month-long social experiment.

We contacted the band and spotlighted them in a video we created. Their manager was our mole, and he knew the endgame. We just needed to keep it from the band, so as not to spoil the surprise.

After several months, we set them up to play a Honda dealer convention in a giant room in Hollywood, but by design, only a few people showed up. The actors we had planted.


This show was fake, and the real performance happened in 2 hours, as musical guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live

It worked, as the band debuted at #1 on Billboard Folk and was #46 on Itunes charts, beating Justin Bieber.

The Awards

Cannes Lions - Bronze Lion


Shortlist (Branded Content & Entertainment Lions)

Communication Arts - Advertising Annual (Non-Traditional)

National ADDY - Silver (2)

ADDY (LA) - Gold, Silver (2)

ThinkLA Interactive Awards- Best Interactive Campaign of the Year,

ThinkLA Interactive Awards- Best Video Campaign

Word of Mouth Marketing Association "Driving Engagement Award" - Best Social Campaign

Digiday Video Awards Finalist -

Best Social Video Advertising

IAB MIXX Awards - Silver

Adweek - #1 Ad of the Week

The Video that Started it all
Getting to know the band.
Guillermo tells the story in a fairytale format
The performance on Kimmel.
Case Study
We worked closely with Kimmel's team to pull off without a hitch.
Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 5.17.08 PM.png
Waiting for the band to arrive at Kimmel
In their dressing room, performing in 2-hours.
The dressing room at Kimmel has a few stories, including this one.
It was 8 months of nail-biting, but we were here. 
Making new fans.
The stage was filled with fans, clients and a very happy band.
We updated our social networks to promote the band. 
monsters facebook.jpg
We used mobile-first, Pandora ads to drive listens.
Their album went to 46 on itunes, ahead of Justin Bieber and Kanye.
Billboard debut at #11 on Folk. 
monsters billboard.jpg
The impact of this humanity-based storytelling was felt everywhere.
surprising huffington.png
The experiment worked. Somehow, we pulled it off.
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