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My Management Approach


There are two types of people in our business. Those with a fixed mindset and those with a growth mindset.


A fixed mindset refers to people who are stuck in their ways, and never admit they are wrong. People with a growth mindset understand the complexity of the world, and are open to collaboration, input and learning from others. 

Guess which one I am? 

When you become a creative director, there is no real training on how to be a good manager. So I honed this skill through books, blogs, podcasts, presentations and webinars. 


Once I discover an insight, I write about it to share with others, whether it be process, platform or strategy. Documenting is the only way to scale knowledge.


I believe in diversity and inclusion, and run my team in service to those beliefs. I have written several pieces on the subject for 3 Percent. As an industry, we must all aspire to do great things and lift each other up to get there. I do this in a way that is respectful, friendly and focused. My interaction on challenging subjects is honest and direct. 


We are in a competitive business, and I don't believe there are truly bad creatives, only ones that have not been properly incentivized. I use emotional intelligence to see what makes them tick, and help them find purpose. I would never ask my team to do something I wouldn't do myself. I take every aspect of my job seriously, sweat every detail, and expect others to do the same. 


The biggest gift a manager can give to her or his team is time. I give mine without hesitation. 

Articles I wrote for entry-level creatives:
Process documents I created: (click to view)
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