We launched Honda on Pinterest, by asking people to get off of it. 

The goal of the Pintermission campaign was to establish Honda’s new CR-V in a way that promoted the vehicle’s “get out and live life” campaign. Pinterest seemed a natural choice, but there were no ad products as of yet. And no real way to get noticed.

So we did an influencer campaign before there were influencers. We reached out to five influential pinners and challenged them to a #Pintermission: a 24-hour break from Pinterest to bring something from their boards to life. To help the pinners complete their chosen activities, we gave them $500 apiece (paltry means by todays standard for influencers).

More than 4.6 million people were exposed to the #Pintermission boards, which produced more than 5,000 repins and 2,000 likes. Additionally, more than 16 million media impressions were garnered from the campaign.

Case Study