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R vs. R

Professional racer vs. professional driver. Who will win?

When the Type R launched in America, we wanted to bring fans along for the ride while also creating a piece of content that showed off the Civic Type R's ability on the racetrack. 

The real Type R was outfitted with a custom AR windshield and used data from several sources, including Microsoft Forza, Google Earth, and GPS data. It turned it all into a visualization that allowed Rahal see the gamer's relative position on the track in real time. 

R vs R led to some amazing business results: the first and second production run of the Honda Civic Type R sold out. R vs R also got over 132,000,000 media impressions and over 123,000,000 PR impression.

R vs. R Social Video
R vs R Artwork
Ghost Car
Unit 9 was a strong production partner.
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